Broadway MK11

Broadway MK11 Polished Ebony

MK11 – Polished Ebony
Retail Price: £12,995

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Broadway MK11 Polished White

MK11 – Polished White
Retail Price: £13,995

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  • 88 full size, fully-weighted keys
  • Wooden keys
  • Graded hammer action
  • Self-playing system (keys move on their own – or it can be played as a normal piano)
  • 256 note polyphony
  • 2-way 6 speakers sound system: 50 watts + 50 watts
  • 3 pedals: soft, sostenuto, sustain (damper)
  • Touch sensitive keys (4 dynamic levels)
  • Headphone connections x 2 (two players can play at the same time)
  • Sliding key cover (covers the keys when not in use)
  • String resonance
  • Damper resonance
  • Triple sensor system
  • Virtual pianist system
  • USB to host and device
  • USB connection is compatibile with PC/Mac/iOS/Android
  • USB memory stick (external memory)
  • MIDI interface
  • Audio interface
  • Accompaniment control start/stop, synch, intro/ending, fill 1/fill 2, variation/fade
  • Equalizer
  • Half-pedal
  • Volume control
  • Registration memory
  • Auto power off
  • LCD display
  • Data wheel
  • Layer
  • Split keyboard
  • Twin piano
  • Educational music (learning pieces play black feature)
  • Rhythms x 80
  • 128 voices
  • 1300 built-in songs
  • 2 track recorder
  • Metronome
  • Transpose
  • MP3
  • Reverb
  • Touch
  • Brilliance
  • Master tune
  • Scale tune
  • Smart box
  • Mic effect
  • Microphone connection (mic in)
  • VP player (virtual pianist)
  • Made in Indonesia
  • Colours: Polished Ebony, Polished White


Speaker wattage: total 100 watts
6 speaker sound system


Width (left to right) 151.5cm |  60 inches
Depth (front to back) 142cm |  56 inches
Height (with lid & music rest down) 101cm | 40 inches
Height with lid fully up 175cm
Weight: 99kg


  • 3 pedals
  • Music rest
  • AC power adaptor
  • Owner’s manual/User manual in English
  • Assembly instructions (piano will be assembled by us)

All Broadway pianos meet the following essential safety standards: CE, UL and FCC.

Real Orchestra Sound Source ‘ROS Version 4’
To achieve a more authentic sound, the 32MB new ROS version 4 was developed. The Broadway MK11 has a huge 32MB
stereo sound source including a 12MB grand piano sound plus 20MB realistic orchestra sounds. All piano sampling is
done in stereo to preserve the natural imaging of the sound. Different dynamic levels are copied from a real,
acoustic concert grand piano. This enhances the sound.

RHA Graded Hammer Action Keyboard
RHA (Real Hammer Action) simulates the natural touch and playing performance of an acoustic grand piano. It
offers a smooth and responsive feel. The Keyboard doesn’t use springs, instead its action is provided by hammer
weight, which gives it an authentic piano feel.

128-Note Polyphony
Conventional digital pianos quickly run out of notes when playing complex music. But the Broadway MK11 offers a
maximum 128-note polyphony, so you won’t run out of notes.

SMF Player with SD Memory Card
Simply select an SMF file for playback and watch the automatic keyboard as it plays the music. The Broadway MK11
houses a SD card, so you can input music data from a SD memory card. The SMF player allows you to enjoy the player
piano without any modification of the SMF file.

Player Grand Digital Piano
The MK11 is a high-end player piano. Broadway’s moving keys system is quite amazing. It’s possible for the keys
to move very quietly by using the solenoid motor from Broadway’s unique technology. The MK11 is different from
other player pianos which require the installation of an expensive music library. The MK11 offers over 1,000 songs.
Users can download the updated library for free from the web. In addition, the external SD memory card allows you to
load and save songs more efficiently and conveniently.

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